The governess or a tutor will successfully prepare your children to the kinder-garten, school, pay attention to their upbringing, clarify school material and supervise homework, carry out additional lessons in order to develop logical skills, memory, attention, language skills, teach musical instruments as well as cultivate the ethic, cultural and aesthetic knowledge of the child, help to diversify and organize the free-time activities, games; see them to schools and kinder-gartens.


We recommend to hire a governess for a kid of 4-12 years old.




Specialized secondary or higher pedagogical education


Work experience in families with kids of pre-school and school age.


Work experience in kinder-gartens, schools, lyceums and gymnasias.


Knowledge of classical and modern methodics and techniques of early childhood development


Knowledge of school program and ability to explain and clarify school material


Knowledge of a foreign language




To ensure and guarantee child’s safety


Organisation and maintenance of the regime of the day


Carrying-out lessons aimed at helping the child master school material


To conduct additional classes and tutorials for the all-round development of the child


Daily walks


Age-dependant development skills


Physical development of a child


Accompany child to the kinder-garten, school, circles, sections and interest clubs.


Organisation of the spare-time activities of the child (excursions, visits to the theatre, cinema, exhibitions, etc)


Serving as a pediatrician for the child and following the instructions of the parents


Introducing the surrounding world to the child.