Our agency will help you to find trustworthy assistants, experts in household work.

Our candidates can use contemporary means of tending house, clothes, furniture, objects of interior, are skilled in using contemporary household equipment and electric devices.

“I am looking for a domestic assistant” – these are the words a lot of clients utter when asking our agency to find trustworthy domestic assistants

If you appreciate comfort and order at home, value your time and are not ready to waste it on household work, use the service of a domestic assistant. Such an employee is looked for among your acquaintances or through the domestic staff recruiting agencies.

Our candidates have been specially trained and have experience working in families. These candidates can use contemporary scouring and washing agents, are skilled in using contemporary household equipment and special devices. Our domestic assistants clean professionally, are skilled at VIP clothes and objects of interior maintenance. The domestic assistant will not only clean, but also create comfort and order at your home, cook according to your wish, buy grocery and run your errands.

Domestic assistant is a reliable assistant in your house. Trust professionals with cleaning, washing and ironing. We can provide you with an employee with a fixed schedule and a nonrecurring employee.


The house-maid carries out all the household chores in the apartment or in a house, moreover the time-schedule and the type of work are determined by the requirements and needs of the employer. We could help you find a house-maid to work 1 day in a week, several days or even every single day. If needed we could find a house-maid willing to stay at your place thus working in shifts. Once again, you are the one to determine the time-schedule suitable for you (3/3, 7/7, 15/15, month/month). If you need the house-maid who would stay with you on a permanent basis, we could help you find a house-maid for family-house.


Work experience by private persons as a house-maid, letters of recommendation provided;

The ability to independently schedule household chores, experience of cleaning apartments with big living space and holiday houses. Knowledge and capacity of application of protection tools for expensive furniture and surface;

VIP wardrobe care (the ability to take proper care of clothes, to correctly divide the clothes for handwash and machine wash, good ironing skills, folding, etc);

Knowledge of the modern household appliances;

The majority of our stuff undergoes teaching at special courses for House servants where on top of professional skills they are trained and gain knowledge of the forms of etiquet as a family servant.