Baby-sitter for infants


Nanny for babies / Nurse-maid is a type of a professional who is aware of all the fundamental medical basics as well as possesses work experience in regard to dealing with infants.

A nanny is recommended for babies from the moment of their birth up to 1 year old.


Specialized secondary education or higher medical education

Work experience in families with kids up to 1 year old

Work experience in maternity hospitals, children’s polyclinics, kindergartens

Knowledge of medical fundamentals of care for babies as well as methodics and techniques of early childhood development

Personal medical records provided


Full care of the infant

Guarantee of the safety of the baby

Organisation and maintenance of the regime of the day

Preparing food and feeding the baby

Hygiene procedures (swaddling, bathing, strengthening immune system of the baby, etc)


Reading books outloud for the baby, playing games with it

Keeping nursery in order

Maintaining baby’s toys and pram clean

Taking care of the baby’s clothes

Carrying-out pediatrician’s recommendations as well as parents’ instructions

To introduce the infant to the surrounding world

If needed, we could organize the selection of the personnel so that nannies would be willing to stay at your place working in shifts. You would be able to make up the shift suitable for you personally (3/3, 7/7, 15/15, month/month)