On top of all the medical manipulations the sick-nurse can clean around, cook diet-food, feed the patient, read a book or a newspaper aloud, change and do the laundry of underwear and bed clothes.

Nurse takes care of both physical and psychological state of the patient. Therefore when undergoing the selection of the stuff on this particular position we pay attention to both work experience and professional attitude of the job-seekers, as well as such traits of character as patience, empathy, clemency and caring attitude.






Higher or specialized medical secondary education;


Work experience at the hospital taking care of sick people and elderly;


Skills and levels of accuracy when carrying out basic medical procedures and manipulations;


Knowledge of dietary cuisine and cooking ability;


Personal medical records and letters of recommendation provided.






Supervision of the state of the patient;


Organisation of the regime of the day and control of the intake of the drugs;


Conduct of the sanitary-hygiene procedures;


Adherence to doctors’ prescriptions regarding the peculiarities of taking care of the patient as well as treatment itself;


Physiotherapy exercising combined with a course of breathing techniques


Change of the bed-clothes, taking care of the clothes of the patient


Psychological support


Accompanying the patient during his walks;


Cooking food.