A contemporary family needs professional approach towards nourishment. We will offer you professional cooks, who will compose menus, prepare dishes of any complexity, and arrange family celebrations (banquets, stand-up meals, child's holidays, picnics, barbeques).

Your family dinner will transform into a festivity and you will be able to go on a culinary journey around the world. During this trip you will be able to taste various dishes: the Ukrainian dumplings, Russian meat dumplings, Danish fish, eastern shashlick, French desserts, Italian paste and lasagne, Hotchpotch, sushi, Raclette or Tiramisu. Thanks to a professional cook you will be able to accomplish a small journey to cognize a new cuisine every day.

A professional cook will take into account all the special demands of the family members and select the cuisine to your liking (Ukrainian, Italian, Eastern and so on). If you need dietary nutrition the cook will create an individual diet for you. A professional cook will help you to assort tableware and household equipment. He knows where to buy fresh grocery. A good cook can indulge both adults and children with tasty food which will please any gourmet.

Work experience in families and restaurants;
Knowledge of different cuisines (Ukrainian, Russian, European, Italian, Eastern, etc);
Ability to cook meals of all levels of difficulty, including food combining, so-called children’s cuisine, diet menu;
Catering experience in organisation of the banquets, layout, serving, etc.
Compiling a menu;
estimating the cost and shopping for groceries;
catering for banquets, organisation of buffets, laying festive tables;
cooking dishes of various levels of difficulty with employer’s food preferances in mind;
laying the table;
maintenance of the working environment, kitchen utensils and appliances in order