Recruitment Procedure

At the agency Vesta- city, we understand that each family is different and that you will have your own list of qualities which you are seeking in a staff. We will listen carefully to your requirements, give guidance where appropriate, and then thoroughly match your individual needs against the candidates who are registered with us.

We will also advertise your position to attract as many high calibre applicants as possible who will then be interviewed by our Consultants specifically for your position. This is a very personal selection service and allows our staff to use their expertise and training to put together a shortlist of candidates who most closely meet the job specification you have given us.

1. If you have already set your mind regarding the requirements towards the candidate and his working schedule, make an appointment or call on our phones: 0443620658, 0677917994, 0958948277, and we’ll help you with the detailed requirements of the candidate as well as negotiating the wages.
2. Upon receiving your order and clarifying the information, we would introduce you to the CVs of the apt candidates. Those resumes are compiled only after individual interviews, tests, document check-up so that we would be capable of providing any additional information required before you meet the candidate in person.
3. We will organize the interviews with the selected candidates in your office or any other place convenient for you. If you are meeting with the candidate outside our office, your personal manager will be present at the interview as well.
4. Upon interviews the Employer makes the final decision and signs a contract with an agency as well as with an employee.
5. The probation period for the employee is 2 weeks.
6. The Employer pays for the service provided.
7. We guarantee the replacement of the worker during the vacation period or sick-leave period.
8. We offer the following types of contacts for you to choose:
- One year contract (we guarantee the replacement of the employee if needed) – our fee equals to 50% of the wages of the employee.