Nanny pre-school kids


Nanny   with the pedagogical background as well as educated psychologist who possesses a great deal of experience of dealing with the kids at school and in the kinder-garten.


Candidates at our agency are all qualified educators in the kinder-gartens, schools for early childhood development, music schools. Nannies are capable of choosing and implementing the best suitable approach for individual work with a child (Montessory’s education system – development of motor skills, logics, thinking; Doman’s card method and encyclopaedic knowledge from the cradle; Lupan’s approach to early physical development; Nikitin’s techniques for developing calculation skills, logic and analytical thinking; Zaycev’s study on reading, calculation, language skills, etc). Nannies will quickly and effectively teach your child to read, to count, develop oral skills as well as artistic tastes, they will teach him how to shape, to draw, to sing, pay attention to kid’s reading and writing skills.


We recommend a nanny the tutor for a child between 1 and 6 years old.




Specialized secondary or higher pedagogical education


Work experience in families with children of pre-school age


Work experience in kinder-gartens and schools


Knowledge of classical as well as contemporary methodics of early childhood developments


Proper oral skills




Full time care of the child


Guarantee of the safety of the child


Organisation and supervision of the regime of the day


Cooking food for the child and paying attention to the nutrition schedule


Teaching the child the basics of hygiene and etiquette


Daily walks


Age-dependent education


Physical development of the child


Maintenance of the order in the nursery


Taking care of the wardrobe of the child and children’s toys


Accompanying the child to the kinder-garten, sections, interest clubs, etc.


Organization of free-time activities of the child


Adhering to the pediatrician’s advice as well as parental instructions


Introducing the child to the surrounding world




If needed we could provide the list of the nannies who are living in your residential area so that are capable of working in shifts. You are the ones to compile the best suitable for you working schedule (3/3, 7/7, 15/15, month/month)