Family couple


Family couple at work in your country-house

Woman’s duties:

Assitance or full time taking care of the child (elderly relative) if previously agreed;

Maintenance of the regime of the day of the child: feeding, going out on walks, etc;

Laundry: machine and hand-washed clothes (depending on the requirements of the employer);

Ironing (clothes; bed linen);

Cleaning: general cleaning, or maintaining the order;

Housekeeping: grocery shopping, shopping for drugs, paying the bills, etc;

Cooking food.

Man’s duties:

Assistance in housekeeping;

Diagnostics and maintenance of the sanitary engineering and electricty work in the house;

Supervision of the work of the serving staff (if required);

Submitting summary reports covering the bills, grocery spendings, etc;

Maintenance and care of the set of tools and stock in working condition;

Provision of driving service (if previously agreed).

If required a woman can perform nanny functions whilst a man could pick up family driver’s role.