We can organize the selection of the gardener- the housekeeper as well as the gardener for full time or part-time employment at the personal plot. All of the employees are possessing the necessary level of knowledge, skills and practical experience of working and taking care of the territory, garden, kitchen-garden, lawns, flower-beds. The housekeeper could on top of his primary functions do the basic repairs, joiner’s and sanitary engineering works. The gardener-housekeeper is an indispensable assistant in the house. His working schedule could vary and is dependent on the needs and requirements of the employer






Specialized education needed


Work experience at personal plots


Nonconformist approach to work


Knowledge of garden technic






Taking care of the territory in general;


Taking care of the swimming pool;


Cutting the lawn;


Pruning of the trees and bushes;


Cleaning of the territory;


Planting, watering and decoration of the plants;


Basic repair works in the house




The Gardener


It’s high time your dreams come true and you get the luxurious garden: the trees and bushes are pruned, the paths are laid, flower-beds and emerald-green lawn are a pleasure to the eye and the tranquil brimming of the brook adds to the general atmosphere of relaxation and recreation. And that’s when your personal plot needs a profession and regular care.


The proper care after the garden is not only time-consuming but also requires special knowledge and skills. Our gardeners possess a great deal of experience in complex care of the gardens, flower-beds and personal plots in general.




The basic tasks in taking care of the garden include:


- taking care of the lawn (moving the lawn, weeding, mulching, aeration, treatment and repair of the damaged parts);


- pest control;


- mineralandorganicfertilizing, foliarfeeding


- pruning of the trees and bushes;


- cutting the hedgerow;


- seasonal care of the garden






Taking care of the lawn


- reseeding of the damaged parts of the lawn;


- complex fertilizing;


- moving the lawn (without removal of the cut grass);


- the removal of the cut grass outside the boundaries of the persona slot;


- weeding and cleaning the lawn;


Taking care of the trees and bushes


- weeding;


- roving, mulching of the trunk circles;


- complex fertilizing;


- preventive pest control;


- growth stimulation;


- winter cover;


- sanitary pruning;


- cutting of the hedgerow;


Taking care of the flowerbeds


- weeding;


- fertilizing; roving;


- extraction of the faded inflorescences;


- preventive pest control;


- bulbous planting;


- pruning and winter cover for perennial plants;






Work experience at personal slots;


Corresponding education needed;


Nonconformist, designer type of thinking


Knowledge of garden tools


Basics of agrotechnics and botanics