Наталья Владимировна к

Няня Киев

Грудному ребенку.

Год рождения: 1981

График работы: 5 дней.

Образование: высшее (преподаватель английского языка).

Опыт работы: учитель английского языка и литературы, переводчик, няня.

Работала репетитором и частным учителем с детьми от 6 до 12 лет. Работала переводчиком английского языка и куратором (сопровождение на партнерских родах, помощь родителям, уход за новорожденными детьми).

Наталья имеет дочь 6 лет, замужем.

Имеет желание работать няней с грудными детьми.

Владение русским, английским и польским языками.

In the last  three years I’ve been a babysitter  for babies from 0 till two month old and their parents as well.

 I’ve realized why I love babysitting so much.

 I’ve only had three  regular jobs, working as a teacher in secondary  school  and being an interpreter and  a babysitter in the same time.

 This three jobs  involved me working around kids.  And they are  jobs I like to do.

During my students time a I  used to be  a babysitter  for eldest children. Their age was from 5 till 12 years old.

Being around kids is a rewarding experience, as you are helping mold minds and having fun at the same time!

And of course I become such good friends with the children I babysit.

 We have a real connection that is really special to me.

 I look forward to spending time with them  and they look forward to me coming over .

Every experience is different but what kids really want is someone who is going to play with them and help them have a good, safe time.

 Babysitting is something I will never grow sick of, and I  really enjoy spending time with  kids.